Those pictures were taken during the Spring 2002 in Finland - Lappeenranta

[Andreas is leaving]

[Farewell sauna]

[My Birthday party, May 2002, Lappeenranta Finland]

Again end of the semester and for lot of foreigner students, one of the last party, before going home. But also my birthday party, and finaly end of our IMPIT program. Therefore also my two favorite Russian freaks came to Lappeenranta. To play another round of our game, who's gonna pass out first.

[Thesis presentation of our IMPIT group]

[Trip to Stockholm with Gadjo, Yann and Cedric to visit Eva]

[The best of Wappu]

[HandCar Rally competition, of course with Czech Team attendance]

[First day of wappu 2002 in Lappeenranta]

[Luis's Birthday party, August 2002, Lappeenranta Finland]

Bad taste party - worst movie, ugly bars .....

[Peter's got new contract at university]

[Sergio and Kim are having birthday]

[Moroccan dinner at French place]

[Easter in Finland, Czech guys are showing to foreigners how we are celebrating Easter in Czech ]

[Sauna with Russian friends]

[Jan's birthday party]

[Poland strike back aka Polish mafia is here]