Fall 2001 in Lappeenranta

These pictures were taken in fall 2001 in Lappeenranta. By me and my friends Sandra, Katrin, Angelo, Yann, Johannes and Javi. Thank you guys for all your photos. Without your pictures it won't be possible to do this page so.

New people are at Karanko and we are warming up

All Night Long football tournament

It supposes to be about football, but I think it's more about drinking

Finhits party

Basically you dress as ugly as possible and then all of us drink till dead, and I was really good at this point :-)

Estonia strike back

Estonian guys are coming back to they favorite place, to have some fun and check what's new there

Evita's birthday

They thought she is my girlfriend. Truth is, we are really good friends

Night life in Lappeenranta

Some pictures from night life in Lappeenranta

Sauna parties

Pictures from sauna parties

Skiing on north of Finland - Ruka ski trip

Nice skiing trip organized by University skiing club

Michele is leaving like first

First who is leaving boat

Small Xmas party at Doris

Quite nice party organized by university before Christmas

Eutch - Angelo is leaving

No more hrrmm hrrmm, French angel is gone

Tic Tac team is leaving

Time for Tic Tac team to go home...

One of the last parties

One of the last parties, now handled by Spanish colony

Winter in Finland

Couple of pictures of Finnish wither

Life at Karanko

Unsorted pictures, I just didn't have any idea where to put them


Pictures from traveling